When your vehicle is repaired at Tri-City Collision Center, it goes through a detailed, five phase process before completion. Our process focuses on attention to detail, efficiency, speed, and high quality repairs. This way, we ensure our customers are always satisfied with the repairs and results in a guarantee that your vehicle is repaired to its original, pre-accident, factory specification condition.

Phase 1 – Estimate


We make every effort to write a precise estimate the first time; this sometimes requires minor disassembly of damaged areas and a bit more time. An accurate estimate helps us and the insurance company ensure a smooth flow of the repair process.

As an established collision facility, we'll work with your insurance company to arrive at a fair price to perform quality repairs that we can proudly stamp with our lifetime guarantee, and you'll be proud as well!

  1. Estimate prepared
  2. Estimated completion date given
  3. Owner signs repair authorization
  4. Insurance negotiations completed
  5. Parts ordered
  6. Parts received

Phase 2 – Body Work Prep

  1. Vehicle scheduled for repairs
  2. Scheduled completion date given
  3. Vehicle disassembled and re-inspected
  4. Supplement report written, if necessary
  5. Supplement approved
  6. Additional parts ordered, if necessary
  7. Revised completion date give

Phase 3 – Body Work

Frame, Unibody, and Metal Repair & Replacement


The frame or unibody of your vehicle is comparable to the foundation of your home. It must be strong and precise before anything can be built or repaired around it. Metal repair and replacement is an extremely critical phase. We strive to use original replacement parts and factory approved repair procedures. All necessary corrosion protection procedures are used to meet or exceed factory corrosion warranties.

  1. Vehicle set up on computerized, laser measuring repair equipment
  2. Structural & body repairs
  3. New panels prepared and installed
  4. Priming, sealing and corrosion protection
  5. Inspected, tested, ready for paint department
  6. Confirmed completion date given

Phase 4 – Paint Prep / Paint

  1. Vehicle thoroughly cleaned, prepped, primed, sanded and sealed
  2. Taped, bagged, masked, blown off and placed in down draft paint spray booth oven
  3. Vehicle undergoes multi-step refinishing process using OEM quality paints and preparation materials.
  4. Reassembly, wheel alignment, air conditioning, detailing, final inspection & test drive


Phase 5 - Detail / Delivery

  1. Vehicle is cleaned / detailed prior to owner receiving their newly revitalized vehicle.
  2. Everything is complete and the owner is notified with confirmation for delivery

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