Q: Can the insurance company tell me where to take my vehicle for the repair?

A: No, they can only recommend repair facilities, the final choice is up to you.


Q: What insurance companies do you work with?

A: We work with all insurance companies including: State Farm, Progressive, Nationwide, All State, Geico, Farmers, Farm Bureau., and many more insurance companies.


Q: What if I need help processing my claim?

A: We at Tri-city Collision are here to serve you.


Q: How long will it take to fix my vehicle?

A: Due to the variability of how much repair is required to fix your car, this is not a simple answer. When we have completed the estimate we can determine the length of time that we will have your vehicle for the repair. Additional damage may be found after we have started the repair which may require more time for the repair.  We will always keep you informed of any changes in our estimated time to complete your vehicle's repair.
Learn more about our repair process.


Q:What about a rental Car?

A:We will gladly help arrange a rental car for you, and most rental company will pick you up at the shop.


Q: What kind of environmental impact does collision repair have?

A: By repairing vehicles safely and effectively, we are able to save perfectly usuable vehicles from being sent to the scrap yard. A large amount of energy is required to build a new a vehicle, from the steel smelting to the aluminum creation process, many inputs of coal, fuel, and other sources of energy are required. At Tri-City Collision Center, we have implemented a program to positively impact the environment called Go-Green.
Learn more about our environmentally friendly program called Go-Green

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