First, find out the condition of everyone. Is anyone injured?

Dial 911. Have your precise location ready. Even with E-911 (the GPS system built into new phones), it still helps if you can give the 911 operator instructions to your location.

If the vehicles can safely be moved out of traffic, move them to the shoulder of the road or out of the way so as to not interrupt the flow of traffic.

When the police arrive, give them the information they request, but do not admit it was your fault (Your insurance company will tell you the same thing).

If you vehicle needs to be towed, ask the police to have it towed to Tri-City Collision Center 2706 N Roan St. Johnson City, TN. 37601. The tow truck driver will know where to store your vehicle safely on our property.

If it is after hours, call us the following day at (423) 282-4808. We will ask you some questions over the phone. We will then write a quote and provide it to your insurance company. You then have the option of authorizing repairs.

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